19 October 2022

Hv Pv Technician Electrician Vacancy in Dubai

HV / PV Technician-Electrician

Please send Your Updated CV, ITI Certificate.

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Be dedicated to ones job, graduated with an electrical-related major, and have more than 2 years of working experience in the electrical industry.

Master the relevant rules and regulations and industry norms of the power industry.

Master the professional knowledge related to the power system, and be able to complete equipment inspection and operation under the guidance.

experience in substation equipment installation, operation, and commissioning is preferred.

Master the general electrical equipment working principle, operation method, and matters needing attention in operation.

Be able to find general equipment anomalies and equipment defects during the inspection, and capable of the analysis and treatment principles of general anomalies of equipment.

Master the types, working principles, and operation and maintenance methods of batteries.

Be able to complete the maintenance of auxiliary power, DC system, and other electrical equipment.

Capable of completing the general inspection work of 400kV and 33kV equipment.

Be able to correctly implement the general safety measures of maintenance equipment.

Be able to correctly use all kinds of safety instruments, protective equipment, and general tools.

Good Healthy condition, and have no diseases that hinder the work of this post.


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