03 June 2022

Required Aircraft Cabin Cleaner in Dubai

Aircraft cleaners have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

Washing or cleaning aircraft interiors using commercial cleaning products and equipment.

Inspecting aircraft parts for damage or defects that may have occurred during a flight.

Storing cleaning supplies in designated locations on the plane to ensure that they are available when needed.

Using specialized equipment to remove biohazardous material from aircraft cabins and lavatories.

Cleaning and polishing metal fittings and fixtures inside the plane, including seats and tray tables.

Cleaning and maintaining lavatories and bathrooms on planes, including scrubbing floors and walls, replacing linens, and mopping floors.

Applying protective coatings to aircraft surfaces to prevent Rust and corrosion.

Dusting and vacuuming seats and carpets, removing trash from seats and bins, and cleaning windows and mirrors using specialized tools and equipment.

Scrubbing and waxing floors and walls, cleaning upholstery and cushioned seats, removing Stains and spots from carpet or fabric surfaces.

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