02 April 2022

Female Bus Supervisor Vacancy in Dubai

* Lift and carry students on and off the bus according to their individual needs.
* Supervise students as they board and leave the bus and cross streets.
*Take children into the building and handing them only to the designated parent or caretaker.
* Learn and adapt to each student\'s special medical, physical, communicative, and emotional needs.
* Manage student behavior and report student discipline problems to the appropriate administrator.
* Communicate with teachers and parents on a daily basis regarding student behavior while on the bus.
Maintain an updated route schedule.
* Supervise use of seat belts, harnesses, or car seats by students.
* Follow emergency procedures and help driver administer first aid, if necessary.
* Other duties as assigned by the school from time to time.

Salary Package:
*AED 1200/- + Accommodation and Transportation


*25 to 30 Years


Salary: 3 000 Dhs

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