22 November 2021

Get Ride Out Of Stress Book Relaxation In Marina Dubai

Ull Body Massage with Relaxation Oil
Full Body Massage with Flower Oil Treatment.
Full Body Massage with Lotion /Cream
Full Body Massage with Hot Oil Treatment
Full Body Massage with Lava Stone
Full Body Massage with Classic Foot Massage.

Combined Therapy with our welltrained Beautiful, Certified and Experienced Arabic or Turkish Massage Staff will see to it that you leave feeling Rested, Renewed and Energized while enjoying a Cozy Appealing Design of our well Ventilated Spa Rooms, Amenities and Facilities for your own Convenience and Satisfaction without paining your pocket.

Care Spa is located in Wyndham Hotel
Working time from 11 to 10.pm

Phone: +EXPIRED0

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