17 October 2021

Electrical Engineer Required Immediately in Dubai

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. According to the project implementation plan, review the construction schedule of the mechanical and electrical major of the construction unit.

2. To supervise and control the monthly and weekly construction plans of the mechanical and electrical major of the construction unit.

3. Regular inspection of mechanical and electrical professional construction quality.

4. Conduct on-site inspection of incoming mechanical and electrical materials, equipment, components and accessories.

5. Participate in the intermediate acceptance and completion acceptance of mechanical and electrical projects.

6. Examine the variation order involving mechanical and electrical major submitted by the construction unit, and participate in the on-site project quantity verification.

7. Participate in design disclosure and joint review of drawings, and put forward reasonable suggestions.

8. Safety management of on-site electricity use, participate in investigation and treatment of major quality accidents.

8. Assisted the project department in tracking and coordinating the mechanical and electrical professional plans, followed up the implementation of the design and procurement plans.

9. Organize related construction units and design units to solve the technical quality problems in the construction process; Coordinate the relationship between construction units on site.

10. Organize the completion and acceptance of special projects.

11. Other work assigned by superior.


Bachelor degree or above in building electrical or related major.

At least 5 years working experience in mechanical and electrical management on project site.

Familiar with construction and installation process.

Familiar with construction project management theory and related industry codes.

Master key technical points of construction procedures.

Good communication and coordination skills.

Strong execution ability

Familiar with common office software, PROJECT, CAD software.

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