13 October 2021

Product Design Engineer Vacancy in Dubai

As a Product Design Engineers you will be responsible for the process of creating and developing new products. You must research and develop ideas and processes for new products, improve the performance and design of existing products and overseeing production and packaging of final products. The position involves frequent internal and external collaboration in all stages of design.

Product Design Engineer Duties and Responsibilities.

To accomplish primary goal of creating new products from conception to production, you must perform many tasks and analyzed several listings to identify core Product Design and its final use.

Design New Products

Design new product

Sketching out ideas.

Turn these into computer renderings,

Use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to build virtual models of the design.

Build physical prototypes of the models.

Determine Manufacturing Requirements

What materials and manufacturing requirements will be needed for production.

Work with vendors to develop required manufacturing processes.

Interact with the operations teams to develop necessary supply chains.

Work out on production costs

Evaluate if the design can be produced for a reasonable cost and effort.

Plan marketing initiatives for the product.

Evaluate Product and Seek Feedback

Responsible for evaluating new product to determine if it is safe, attractive and functional.

Conduct tests and analyze data, generated from builds and lab experiments.

Present design, prototypes and estimated cost for approval, and incorporate any feedback.

Product Design Engineer Skills

Resourceful and innovative

Effective problem-solver with strong decision-making skills.

Creative and have a careful eye for detail.

Work well as part of a team, able to drive people to create quality products in timely and cost-effective manner.

Core skills

experience with mechanical design work and knowledge in manufacturing processes.

Ability to read and interpret blue print documents.

Knowledge and experience with utilization of CAD/3-D Modeling Software.

Solid knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel.

Good sketching and concept generation skills.

Ability to understand complex mathematical relationships that underpin mechanical analysis.

Advanced skills

Product knowledge and thorough understanding of materials, linear and nonlinear behavior of materials, fatigue and corrosion.

experience with various Metal fabricating processes.

experience in use of lean tools to help develop new processes, layouts and flow.

MRP/ERP/QAD experience



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