16 April 2021

Administrator Couchbase Furtune500 Multinational Commerce Retailing Company 13 Years

Job Description:
Qualifications: The skills you need
· +3 Years of experience as Linux system admin. RHEL or CentOS or Ubuntu.
· +2 Years of experience writing chef cookbooks.
· +3 Years of experience managing Couchbase.
· +2 Years of experience using Prometheus, Grafana and kibana.
· +3 Years of experience using public cloud infrastructure.
· Deep understanding of networking protocols (TCP/IP, SSH, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, GOSSIP), packet structure and load balancing equipment.
· Excellent writing and verbal communication skills.
· Very strong will to automate everything.
· Strong eagerness to learn new technologies.
· Ability to effectively work with members living in different time zones.
· Enjoy in a situation where you feel like you are constantly on the edge of the cliff.
Required Education:
* Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or more than 3 years of working in devops field.

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