Dubai Employment – Are the Prospects Better or Worse for Expats?

Foreigners who consider working in Dubai and those already living in the emirate should definitely take into account the different economic factors when making their employment decisions. The number of vacant jobs in Dubai as well as the unemployment rate should be considered. The general performance of the economy is also important for job availability and the size of salaries. It is worth taking a look at the current employment situation in the emirate and how it affects expatriates.

The unemployment rate in Dubai is traditionally low. The latest data shows that it is only 0.8%. However, there are strong indications that it might increase by some 8.5% on average in the coming years. A more disturbing fact is that the unemployed expats are approximately 2 times more than the Dubai nationals who do not have a job. Still, this is can be considered as normal given that the large expatriate community and the government programs to encourage employers to hire locals. Generally, the figures are optimistic, especially for expats already working in Dubai. The likelihood of job loss is relatively small and certainty is something that matters a lot.

The Dubai job market data might be more disturbing when examined more carefully. There are more unemployed expat women than men in the emirate. This does not necessarily mean that female workers are more likely to lose their job. Still, it indicates that the sectors, in which expat women are usually employed, such as housekeeping and hospitality, have contracted to an extent. With the recovery of the economy, these industries will experience expansion again, but it might be slow. Hence, you should expect to find more housekeeping and hospitality job ads in the future.

Another fact that may be considered bothersome is that the unemployment among university graduates is higher than the one among people with secondary education. This is normal given that the financial sector of the Dubai economy and the construction industry were badly hit during the economic downturn. Professionals willing to work in Dubai may find it more difficult to find finance, management and accounting jobs at present. This is true for construction engineers, even though there are still lots of projects going on in the emirate.

The good news is that oil engineers are still highly sought after, even though the oil industry is experiencing fluctuations even at present. Another promising fact for expats is that even though fresh university graduates might find it harder to secure a job those with previous work experience have higher chances. In addition, those with secondary education have good chances of finding a job in Dubai, even though the salary may be lower than expected.

Overall, the Dubai job prospects for expats are expected to brighten in the near future, even though they might seem a little bit vague now. If you are willing to work in the emirate, you will certainly be able to find a number of vacant positions that correspond to your education and experience. You might have to be more arduous in your research and be more patient, but you will succeed eventually.


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