Buying Furniture in Dubai – A Quick Guide

Moving from one place to another usually involves a lot of planning, but most often you end up having missed something. In many cases, it is best to buy the items you will need on the spot. This is usually cheaper than having them shipped. You should definitely consider buying most of your home furniture once you arrive in Dubai. Here are tips on how to go about it.

It is best for you to start with the large furniture items first. You might have to buy a bed, a wardrobe and a living room set. Such items are widely available in all furniture stores. It is a good idea for you to focus your attention on the ones with more affordable items. There are stores of international brands recognized for selling fine quality furniture at affordable prices.

Still, you can expect the items you intend to buy to cost more than in your home country, given that Dubai is expensive in general. It is a fine alternative to get used furniture in the emirate, since most of the pieces are sold by expats who have used them for just a few years. You can readily get a wardrobe or a table of excellent quality at a very low price. You can get a used couch also. You can always put a slip cover on top.

You are highly recommended to shop for furniture during the week and not over the weekend since the crowds at that time are usually huge. In addition, always check that the store or person you are buying the furniture from can assist you with transportation. When shopping for used items, make sure you check them extremely carefully for damages.

It is particularly inconvenient for expats to bring kitchen and other appliances when moving to Dubai or to any foreign country for that matter. You can buy high quality appliances from any brand in the emirate. The problem is that you will have to arrange taking them back home when you leave. Again, this is a costly option. So, you should definitely look for used appliances as well. Perhaps you can consider getting a new kettle and a coffee machine, but it is best to buy a pre-owned TV, washing machine or dishwasher. This is applicable to air conditioners, ovens and microwaves. If you decide to buy used appliances of these types, you have to make sure that they are perfectly hygienic to use as well as well operating.

The small home furnishing items are usually the most difficult to buy, because it is extremely easy to miss something. You have to make sure that your home is furnished with utensils, plates, glasses and cutlery as well as with all sorts of linens. It is a good idea to make a list of all such items that you will need, instead of getting them one by one. Generally, these home furnishing fittings are costly in Dubai. So, it is best for you to look for discount products and sales. You can also consider shopping online for getting slightly lower prices.


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