Housemaid and Nanny Jobs in Dubai – All You Need to Know

Living and working abroad can often be frightening as a prospect, especially for a woman. Still, in some places in the world, such as Dubai, the work conditions and the salary are more than appealing. That is why there are a lot of expatriate women in the emirate working as housemaids and nannies. You should definitely find out more about this option and whether it is right for you.

The demand for housemaids and nannies in Dubai has always been very high. The economic downturn does not seem to have affected it significantly. You can easily find a job as a maid in the emirate. The monthly salary is usually between 700 Dhs and 2,000 Dhs. It should be noted that the remuneration and any other allowances available to domestic employees depend on their work hours and whether they work full-time or part-time. In addition, some maids and nannies get to live in the home of their employers while others do not. Basically, the work conditions vary, so you have to check the particular job offer carefully in order to find out what you will get exactly and how much you will have to work.

The procedure for hiring maids in Dubai is somewhat more specific than the one in other countries. Firstly, the employer has to meet certain criteria. Only families are allowed to hire housemaids in Dubai, but not bachelors. Still, in some cases single mothers may be able to hire a domestic helper. In addition, the monthly salary of the employer, usually the husband, has to be above 6,000 Dhs or above 5,000 Dhs, if they provide accommodation to their employee.

Once you have made an agreement with a family residing in Dubai, you will have to arrive in the emirate and obtain a residence visa within 30 days of your arrival. Usually, the sponsor (employer) will present your documents and pay the fees required by the authorities. They will help you with the application and documentation arrangement. They will take you to have the necessary medical tests as well. You are highly recommended to check how things will work with your sponsor, just to be on the safe side.

One important thing that housemaids and nannies planning to work in Dubai should know is that there is a unified employment contract for domestic workers in the emirate. When you apply for a residency visa, you and your sponsor will have to sign it. This labor contract arranges all aspect of your employment, including work hours and work conditions. It also covers details such as allowances, vacation times and provision of airplane tickets by the employer.

Expatriate women who are already living and working in Dubai and have a residence visa should contact the immigration department to check what the procedure for changing jobs is. Usually, you will be required to have a special no-objection certificate from your previous employer. If you are sponsored by your husband to live in the emirate, you might find it more difficult to obtain a work permit and secure a job as a housemaid or a nanny, but you have to check explicitly for your individual case.


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  1. Respected Madam/Sir,
    I am Sherin Benazir, I am a graduate,I have 5 years of experience in childcare, plz get back to me so I can send my CV, documents.I am looking forward about the ad, Plz get back to me if u have any doubts. I hold a valid passport, I have took a very good care of kids in sole charges and also be a maid. I have produce paper from POLICE department stating that I hold no criminal records.. Take Care, have a nice day.

    Thanking You

    Kind regards,
    M.Sherin Benazir

  2. Hi,am Sameera from Nigeria n i hold a in Business admin.i hv no xperienc as a nanny or a i can assure that am very gud wit kids bcus i hav two little angels of my own.and am a fast learnar.u wnt regret it.i promise.tank u

  3. dear madam/ sir, i would want to come and work as amaid in dubai, i have ever taken care of them, and i love doing it , so if you can find me one i will be grate full. kind regards dorothy

  4. Hello Madam/Sir,

    I am Gloria Sumibang from the Philippines searching for an employer,i am presently living here in Adubhabi now and presently working as housemaid too but y visa and contract will be finish this coming March 2.Here is my contact number if anyone is interested on me.I am good on any house hold chores and for caring children.You can ask references from my present employer now.I am easy to deal with too i am friendly to anyone and not good in teaching kids for i am an education student in the Phil.Thank you so much!God Bless!

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