How to Apply for a Job in Dubai – Application Preparation and Approaches

You do not have to be an adventurer to go to work and live in another country. The experience will certainly be rewarding as long as you know how to arrange for it. Dubai offers great opportunities for working and for living. You can expect to get sufficient experience that will be useful for your career in the future as well as an adequate remuneration for your services. It is now easier that every to apply for a job in Dubai. All you have to do is follow the basic rules.

You have to prepare a CV and a cover letter first. These have to be written in excellent English. If you are not very confident in your speaking and writing skills, make sure you have someone to check the CV and cover letter and correct them for you. It is essential for you to present yourself as an experienced professional who will contribute to the success of the company. You really have to “sell” yourself. Make sure you highlight your most notable skills and explain briefly how you have acquired them.

You have to explain why you want to work for the particular company in your cover letter. As an expat you will also have to say why you want to move to Dubai. You should not make this last statement too personal. It has to sound professional and to the point. You can mention things like excellent career opportunities, the fast development of the economy and the good remuneration. You should not discuss any cultural differences.

Responding to an ad it is best way to apply for a job in Dubai. It is also a fine idea to make some speculative applications. You can readily research the companies you want to work for in the emirate and contact representatives. It is best to talk over the telephone to someone, preferably a person who is responsible for the recruitment, and explain that you are an experienced professional looking for employment. You should never send your CV without being invited to do so. It will end up in the bin and you would not this to happen.

You have to decide carefully whether you want to use the services of a recruitment agency to find you employment. The majority of such firms operating in the Gulf do not have the high productive efficiency you can expect. There are many cases in which your CV is disposed of unless a vacancy to match your qualifications is found straight away. That is why you should avoid paying upfront fees to an agency promising to secure you employment in Dubai. If you think this is the best option for you, you have to research the different agencies carefully and find one that has good reputation among employment seekers.

It is not a good idea for you to visit Dubai personally to find a job. It is best to use some contacts with friends or to look for networking events in your country of residence. If you decide to come to Dubai, make sure you have arranged meetings with potential employers on which you can present your CV and cover letter.


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