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Full Canal View Itanaro I1br Rented for Sale in Dubai - Tanaro Tower - 1BR - Size: 756sqft with 1 bath - Low Floor with Full Canal1 300 000 Dhs
22 September 2017
Back To Back Mira 3 For Immediate Sale in Dubai Reem Mira 3 Type 2E Three Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms Fitted Wardrobes With Maids2 300 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
3 Beds Apt Appealing Bay And Lake Views for Sale in Dubai Hotelapartmentsoverlooking Dubai s Burj area from AED 2 million with 30% rental3 573 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Luxury Apartment At The Sobha Hartland for Sale in Dubai Are you looking to buy 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments in Dubai? Residents will1 878 619 Dhs
21 September 2017
1bedroom Residential Apartment In Meydan for Sale Gemini Splendor is an eight-storey residential building community offering1 129 629 Dhs
21 September 2017
2 Bedroom Apartment Ready For Viewing for Sale in Dubai Are you looking to buy 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments in Dubai? * One bedroom 1 730 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Ready 7 3 Roi Mid Floor Large Size for Sale in Dubai Motor City Sherlock Circus 1 Studio 593 Sq Ft Net Area On Title Deed Rented660 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Luxurious 3 Br Aykon City Now Available in Dubai 2% Discount Off on DLD Fees when you buy this 3 Bedroom Apartment Now!!! 3 114 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Amazing Apartment 1 Br Armani Residence for Sale in Dubai 2 Units Available in Armani Residence 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom Size 1044 Sq Ft 13 990 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Arabella 3 At Mudon Special Offer 2 Land Dept Fee Only for Sale in Dubai Arabella 3 at Mudon by Dubai Properties Special Offer - 2% Land Dept Fee Only1 716 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
1 Bedroom Full Marina View Palm Jumeirah for Sale in Dubai Marketing Permit No. 6983 For Est is proud to offer this Apartment on the Palm1 654 500 Dhs
21 September 2017
Type 3m Near Pool Park For Immediate Sale Reem Mira 4 Type 3M 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms Fitted Wardrobes Maids Room Near1 900 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
2 Bed Unit With Balcony In Zanzebeel Old Town for Sale Better Homes proudly offers a fantastic two bedroom apartment in the popular22 000 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
75 Guaranteed Finance 4 Bed Villa Mbr City for Sale in Dubai DLD Permit No.: 3553 Villa for Sale in Cassia at the Fields, Mohammad Bin2 999 550 Dhs
21 September 2017
A Breathtaking 1 Bed Very High Floor Zaabeel View For Sale in Dubai TABANI REAL ESTATE is Proud to offer you thisbreathtaking 1 Bedroom in the2 350 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Type 5 3 Br In Hayat Townhouses For Sale Hayat Townhouses 1 Type 2 3 Bedroom plus Maid's BUA 2146 sqft Plot Size 2,2501 420 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Brand New Spacious 2 Bed With Store Fr Sale In Azizi Tulip Tabani Real Estate Proud to Offer you this Amazing Two bedrooms with Store/1 292 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Vacant Back To Back Mira 3 Immediate Sale in Dubai Reem Mira 3 Type 2E Three Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms Fitted Wardrobes With Maids2 315 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Great Investment Smart 1 Brw Sea View for Sale in Dubai Your Dream Luxurious Home in Al Maha is yet to come true! Al Maha Tower1 000 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Best Investment Large 1br Sea View In Sulafa Tower for Sale Tabani Real Estate Sulafa Tower-Dubai Marina Specious and Ideal 1 Bedroom On1 050 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Full Sea View 5 Bedrooms Villa In Palma Residence for Sale Kensington Exclusive Property pleased to offer 5 Bedroom Villa in gated13 500 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Beautiful 3 Bedroom Garden Home Villa In Palm Jumeirah for Sale Kensington Exclusive Property very pleased to offer 3 Bedroom Garden Home11 000 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Brand New Ready Soon 1 Br Study Room for Sale in Dubai Marketing Permit No. 6983 For Est is proud to offer this Apartment in Aces936 976 Dhs
21 September 2017
Apartment For Sale Upper Crest Downtown in Dubai With Its Illustrious Location In The Burj Area Of Dubai, DAMAC Maison Upper4 134 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Direct From The Developer 3br Town Square for Sale in Dubai From one of the best Developer- NSHAMA Town Square Safi Apartments 31 399 888 Dhs
21 September 2017
No Commission Brand New La Riviera for Sale in Dubai Marketing Permit 6983 For Est is proud to offer this Apartment in La Riviera,874 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Type 3e Back To Back In Mira 2 Quiet Location for Sale Type 3E 3 Bedrooms Fitted Wardrobes Maids Room Near Pool And Park BUA2 200 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Fully Furnished Apartment Prime Location for Sale in Dubai The Burj area is an upscale mixed-use community combining commercial,1 523 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
2 Bed Apt Appealing Bay And Lake Views for Sale in Dubai Hotel apartments overlooking Dubai s Burj area from AED 2 million with 30%2 076 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
Redwood Park 3 Br Townhouse Available in Dubai Gulf Sotheby's International Realty is pleased to offer you this brand new,3 200 000 Dhs
21 September 2017
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For Owners - Advertising Your Dubai Property for Sale via Dubai Bulletin Board

In this category you can advertise various real estate property that you are selling in Dubai, like Dubai Apartments, Dubai Villas and Houses, Shops, Office space and even Land. Posting a for sale advert on Dubai Bulletin Board is very easy and absolutely free, even though our competitors charge a lot for advertising Dubai property on their websites.

To gain good results you should follow some simple rules when posting an advert on our website:

For Real Estate Investors - Buying Dubai Property

In this category among the listings above you can find various adverts with Dubai properties for sale. On the 12th of March new laws have been developed in United Arab Emirates that allow foreigners to own freehold properties in Dubai. From that point on the prices for real estate in Dubai has been rising steadily which made it even a more appealing area for real estate investors. During the 2008-2009 global economic crisis Dubai Property Market has been affected and the prices to Dubai property have dropped a little but the experts say that the situation will improve in the third quarter of 2009.

There are 3 different types of ownership proposed in the legislation: common hold, usufruct and freehold. Common hold allows leaseholders to obtain a share of the freehold by dealing out in portions with their landlord. Usufruct or long-term lease is the right to use another's property short of destruction or waste of its substance. The right of usufruct should not be for less than five years with the maximum validity period ranging from 60 to 99 years. In case of free hold ownership the owner will have complete ownership rights and the property will be in the owner's name.

Only after obtaining approval from the three master-developers: Al Nakheel, Emaar and Dubai Properties in a form of no-objection letter, stating that all the payments for the property transaction have been made in full, foreigners can have the right to lease or purchase the land.

Tips for efficiently managing your Dubai property

Dubai Property Investing in real estate is a profitable business that does not require a particular level of operations in order to be efficient. Buying a Dubai property at the moment is highly beneficial. The prices are low compared to their levels prior to the drastic fall of 2008 and especially of the first quarter of 2009. However, they are gradually recovering, so you should not miss the moment. Once you become an owner, you should consider your property management options.

If you intend to live in your Dubai property, you can make the most of it by opting for a type of home equity loan. Mortgages are what homeowners usually go for, but it might be more effective to spread the risk by borrowing a smaller sum at more beneficial terms securing your investment better. At present the interest rates are relatively high and the conditions of the lending institutions are stricter. So, you can expect it to be a bit more difficult to actually conclude a loan deal. However, with the global economy on the way to recovery and the local and world governments lowering the basic interest rate percentage to the very minimum, the market for financial products is gradually returning to its previous levels. Thus, in the very near future the mortgages can again become more than advantageous. Still, you should plan very carefully your repayment plan and make sure your financial state allows for this kind of deal.

Most investors readily prefer to borrow money with their Dubai property as collateral and rent it out to make the most of it. The apartment, villa and office space lease market in the emirate has also been hit by the global recession. The rental prices are now relatively low and although a trend of a slight ant gradual increase is observed, they are not going to reach their previous substantially high levels experts predict. Thus, you should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of listing your Dubai property on the rental market. You might want to wait until the prices are already on a steady go especially if you are looking to make a long term lease contract. The demand for rentals is also experiencing a growth, so the future prospects for the end of 2009, 2010 and beyond are brighter than most economists have predicted.

The lease option also needs a careful preparation before being realized. In the stagnant market the advertisement of your offer has to be really attractive. Most landlords find it more convenient to list their Dubai property on the market through a real estate agency specializing in this type of services. This again will cost you, but the chances of concluding a deal are higher. You will also have a professional evaluation of the property, so you can set the right price. Furthermore, if you live abroad or are constantly travelling, these companies can take care of the maintenance and cleaning as well as of the relations with the tenants, which is another helpful advantage.

The major Dubai property development projects what to expect in the near future

Property on Dubai Palm The world is yet anxious to discover the wonders that are being constructed in Dubai. Investors and Dubai property buyers will also be thrilled with the new and exciting offers that are coming to the market. It is a good idea to be well informed in order to achieve better and more cost efficient planning. With the real estate prices not only in the emirate, but globally being considerably lower now is a great time to make a long term investment that will certainly pay off.

Probably the most amazing construction project developed so far in the emirate is The World archipelago of islands. The first phase of the construction of the 300 man made islands each bearing the name of a different state or region was completed back at the beginning of 2008. The pieces of land that form the world map are fully built and now the construction of buildings and the appropriate infrastructure is already on the go. Multinational tourist and construction giants have bought islands to turn them into resorts or some of the most attractive Dubai property for sale. Private persons have also made investments despite the development of The World project being slowed down by the global recession and the Dubai real estate market slump. In fact, a large number of the man made islands are still available for purchase and upon approval anyone can have a piece of land to develop their own little paradise. The rumors suggest that many celebrities have also taken advantage of the opportunity and have bought an island of The World and have made considerable investment in their Dubai property. A new project developed by the company behind this one Nakheel Properties is The Universe. This cluster of islands that will form the shape of the solar system is still in the planning stages. The best estimates are that it will be completed in the next 15 to 20 years.

It has been recently announced that the construction of another superb projects is to commence shortly as a development company for its building has been appointed. The Tiger Woods Dubai is a resort project that will include a golf course, a golf academy, a clubhouse and a hotel as well as luxury residences and namely houses and villas. The subsidiary of the Dubai Holding Tatweer and Tiger Woods Design are behind this project. The joint venture seems to be bound to success. Not only will the name of the famous golfer make this Dubai property attractive, the supreme sport opportunities as well as the lavishness of the complex are indicators that this project is to be profitable for developers and buyers alike.

Another major project Falconcity promises to give Dubai a new representation of all the ancient Seven Wonders of the World along with other remarkable monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and even Venice. At present the Dubai property market crisis has affected the development of the project and there is no certainty about the exact time of its completion.

What types of Dubai property are available on the residential market?

Burj Dubai Tower The Highest Priced Real Estate Property in DubaiWhen making an investment you have to be well informed of all your options and having your financial and market analysis readily prepared. The same rules apply when you are buying a Dubai property. With the constant new construction developments and the country specifics it is not particularly easy especially for a person who does not have any preliminary knowledge to find the most beneficial offer and make a good deal. Here is a complete summary of what kinds of properties you can expect in this emirate and what to opt for according to your specific needs.

The villa communities are very common in Dubai. Despite the common misconception these are not only preferred by those who want to use them for recreational purposes only. Many people who intend to settle permanently in the emirate choose this kind of Dubai property for its family friendly features and for the safety it provides. Usually you can find everything you require for a peaceful, comfortable and pleasant living in a well equipped and spacious villa. The privacy is guaranteed, which makes this type of Dubai property perfect for those who enjoy the seclusion of their own home. Most of these communities are very well connected to all the major landmarks, so even if you are a busy business professional you can take advantage of a villa. The luxurious properties of this type are popular and provide the residents with all the spoils that they may desire. The mid-range ones with solid and durable constructions are also on high demand for their good quality and more affordable prices.

Buying an apartment is the other option you have when deciding to make an investment in a type of Dubai property. This might be the more preferable option due to the lower prices, but again the quality of the construction is most often guaranteed by reputable companies. Of course, there are lower class projects, so you might want to make a more thorough research before making up your mind. Again the better quality apartments are the ones with more features and nice views. The location is also important depending on the purpose of your stay in Dubai you can opt for proximity to the beach or to the business centers of your particular industry.

The unit types of Dubai property are also worth taking into consideration. The two bedroom apartments and villas are a preferable option for the business person. They are very reasonably priced and their main advantage is that not much maintenance is required. So you can conveniently afford to leave on longer business trips. The three and four bedroom properties are very popular especially after the market slow down as they are more affordable. They are ideal for a family residence with enough private space for everybody including the children who are always playing around. The five bedroom apartments and villas are not particularly highly demanded, but they might be a good investment if you plan to rent your property to groups of holiday makers.

What to Look For in a Dubai Property

Property For Sale in DubaiWhen buying a property you are making a long term investment, which has to be backed up by sufficient preliminary analysis. You have to be well informed of the market specifics including the price and inventory movements. You also need to be familiar with the legal requirements for buyers. Most importantly, you need to make sure you are making a good deal paying for high quality and durability. The purchase of a Dubai property is one of the most advantageous investments you can make today with the market prices being lower than ever before. The small emirate is a home to numerous newly developed construction projects, so you need to make a thorough research before opting for an offer. Here are some useful ideas that will help you in this direction.

Location is essential when it comes to property. The same applies to Dubai although is not a particularly large settlement, it is constantly developing and expanding not only inland, but also at sea. The complexes along the coast line are filled with the most luxurious and lavish Dubai property, but there are villa communities and town houses as well as apartment buildings spread in other parts of the emirate. The latter are more expensive for their fine locations, but they are more easily manageable in terms of leasing and mortgaging the property. You can choose to live in one of the many man made oases in the dessert these complexes are also well connected to all the major hubs in the emirate. If you plan to set up and conduct business in Dubai, you can always choose a property in proximity to the financial and economic centers.

The quality of the construction is also very important. Generally despite the type of Dubai property you are opting for you can rely on durability and good engineering. The more expensive apartments, villas and house are generally of higher quality. When making your research and inquiries it is best to take into consideration how reputable the developer company is and the success of their previous projects. However, have in mind that no matter how perfect and durable a property is it requires constant maintenance. So, make sure you are prepared to arrange and pay for a proper management if you are not to live there permanently.

Before choosing a Dubai property you need to decide whether you want to opt for a fully furbished one or not. Most villas and houses usually come completely landscaped and the apartment buildings have gardens, which is a great advantage. The furbished properties have all the features of interior design including home appliances and internet access. The luxury ones usually come styled by famous designer houses, so you are certain to have the trendiest of rooms. This of course increases the price additionally. If you are prepared to spare extra time and effort on the furnishing of your new home, you can always choose a standard Dubai property. Interior design services and a wide choice of furniture are readily available.