22 May 2019

Superb Low Km Fsh Gcc Dodge Charger Hemi V8

Hello! I am selling my beloved 2013 GCC Dodge Charger HEMI V8. Since you are here, I assume you are a muscle car fan. And no engine defines the muscle car genre quite like the HEMI. The roar, the power, and the smoothness of this naturally aspirated, 5.7 litre engine will put a smile on your face. The boost is real, not through turbo-chargers. Zero to 100km/h takes about 5 seconds. And when you want this to be a luxury cruiser, the clever system activates the ‘Eco’ mode, saving on fuel. I also have a Pajero and an old Mercedes S Class, and both consume more petrol than my Dodge.

- Priced to sell. A new HEMI V8 Charger starts at AED 170,000!
-Every single service on the car has been done on time, and at Trading Enterprises, the official dealer for Dodge in the UAE. Full service records available for the car since new. Two keys also available.
-The car has just 99,600 km on it – less than average for a 5 1/2 years old car in the UAE. That is because I have three cars; and one of the reasons for selling is parking and logistics is getting a bit difficult.
- Reverse camera (really useful on this big car).
- New tyres (Oct 2018; less than 6,000km on them)
- The car’s interior is spacious, luxurious, and almost like new; exterior is also excellent.The seats are big, and extremely comfortable. The boot space is massive. The infotainment system is award-winning, and very user friendly.
-Driven by responsible family man; no donuts, no track days.
-Most of the mileage is straight-line highway cruising at 120km/h constant without much braking, turning etc.
-Price is slightly negotiable but only after viewing the car. I request you to please refrain from low-balling and wasting your time and mine. If you are not serious about buying, pl don’t contact.
- You can WhatsApp me or call me on my mobile. I prefer WhatsApp, though.

Car: Dodge Charger 2013.0
Fuel: Petrol
Engine: 5.7L
Car color: Blue
Number of doors: 4
Car body: Sedan



Price: 470 000 Dhs

Superb Low Km Fsh Gcc Dodge Charger Hemi V8
Superb Low Km Fsh Gcc Dodge Charger Hemi V8
Superb Low Km Fsh Gcc Dodge Charger Hemi V8

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