15 April 2019

Turbine Welder Vacancy in Dubai

O Performing TIG Welding on Rolls Royce Avon Blades, NGV’s having IN738, NIM105
X40, C242 as material.
O Performing Material Inspection on Turbine Components before Stripping and Heat Treatment using Niton XRF Analyzer.
O Performing Water Flow Test and on various parts of Rolls Royce Avon, Solar Centaur 50.
O Performing Dimensional Inspection.
O Performing Grit Blast (Al2O3 220)
O TIG Welding, Blending, Grinding, Dimensions, Gap and Area Correction, Assemble, Disassemble of segment.
O Repair of Power Nozzles and Shrouds Mainly B and E components for Frame 9, 7, and 6.


Salary: 5 000 Dhs

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