09 April 2019

Hvac And Electrical Design Mep Training For Mechanical And Electrical Eng

Hvac design - mep training

This advanced training introduces those with experience in mechanical engineering to HVAC design.

Upon the completion of the program, participant are skilled in the following areas:
Heat Load Calculation (Manual, E20 and HAP Software)
Ventilation Criteria (Car Park and Kitchen etc.)
Classification and selection of air handlers.
Duct system design (Manual and Software Duct Sizer)
Different Types of Ducting
ESP Calculation
Chilled water piping design
Chiller Plant Working
Analysis of Chiller Problems
District Cooling System Design
Sizing of Stairwell Pressurization Fan
Types of building Systems
VAV and VRV Chiller and their important in Selection Procedure.
Criteria for Equipment selection (Review with ACTUAL EXAMPLES) like.
Pump, Air handling unit, Fan coil unit
Chiller, Fan, Car Park Ventilation, Cooling Tower.
Control valve (2 port and 3 Port) and balancing valve selection etc.
Practical Project with Government Standards.
Using ASHRAE Standards

Course Description
Explore the fundamentals of HVAC design. Topics include cooling load calculation, including building envelops, U-value, internal and external heat gains, and ventilation criteria; psychometric; air handling system and their components, selection criteria, and classification; Duct system design, including pressure loss calculation; fan classification and selection; and relevant laws.

Focus on types of building systems, including constant and variable volume; vapour compression refrigeration cycle; centrifugal and absorption chillers; heat rejection option, including cooling towers, air cooled condensers; pipe sizing for hydronic systems; centrifugal pumps including selection criteria and pump laws.

Electrical design (mep) training

In this program, students learn practical and theory of electrical system, and apply that knowledge in designing electrical infrastructure for commercial building. Upon completion of program, students have attained extensive knowledge of:
Electrical principles and their application to electrical equipment.
Circuits and systems used in commercial and high-rise residential buildings.
Grounding and power factors. Lighting, voltage drop, and service load calculations.
Electrical code interpretation

This course analyzes the various design elements that make up electrical system (Both Low current and High Current).
Electrical Generation, transmission and distribution general concept.
Lux level Calculation, Load scheduling, common area, open area and load calculation.
Voltage Drop Calculation, Switch Gears, Panel Boards,
Transformer Selection as Per DEWA regulation.
Cable Tray Design and Selection, BUSBAR details and selection.
Different Electrical Services:Lightening, Power, Fire Alarm CCTV etc.
Telephone system(As per DU, Etisalat)
Designing as per Electrical standards: NEC, BS, DEWA, IEC, NEMA, NFPA etc.

Our Advantages:
Industrial Oriented Training Section.
Individual and Group Training.
Flexible Timing (Evening, Weekends.)
Highly Experienced faculties.
Dubai Government Approved Center (Certificate)

ARABIAN INFO-TECH is an authorized training center and offers comprehensive training programs in different engineering courses like, MEP, HVAC Design, Electrical Design, Plumbing Design, Fire fighting design, Piping design, Civil Structural design, PLC Programming and Control system design, etc.

Our Location.
Arabian Info-Tech Training Institute.
Mussalla Tower,5th floor, 503.
Bank Street, Al Fahidi,
Dubai, UAE
For More details please contact: 800 800 050 (Toll Free)


Salary: 3 000 Dhs

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