27 March 2019

Female Principal Vacancy in Dubai

Well known nursery in Abu Dhabi is hiring a Principal / Nursery General Manager.
Key Responsibility: Administration, Operation and Management of the Nursery.
Job Description:
A. Providing administrative support for day-to-day operations.
B. Discuss and Implement strategies for generating enquiries and enhance enrollment.
C. Record keeping and data management.
D. Planning of nursery calendar
E. Meeting statutorily compliances as per the ministry guidelines i.e. Programs, Safety, Hygiene, etc.
F. Supervision of all academic and administrative activities like Newsletters to parents, Staff meetings, PTMs, Teacher evaluation, Develop, recruitment and training of staff members , curricula implementation etc.
G. Develop and implement work calendar schedule for staff.
H. Maintain policies and procedures for program operation.
I. Encourage and provide opportunities for team building and staff collaboration.
J. To be part of the management committee.
L. Liaison between the Committee, the Nursery staff, and the parents/families.
A. Having experience of 3- 5 years of managing a nursery or similar profile.
B. Excellent written and verbal Communication skills.
C. Should be a team player and inspiring leader.
D. Ability to work in demanding situations.
E. Able to show initiative, flexibility and ability to handle change.



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