28 February 2019

Is It Worth Investing In Dubai Property

After suffering over the past few years due to an increase in property prices, Dubai’s real estate sector looks set to enjoy a boom time once again in the next several years. The current client consists of end users, expats, long-term investors and first-time buyers. This type of buyer creates stability in the market and builds a large pool of buyers that are less sensitive to external factors and encourages expat spending.

Dubai is still considered as affordable territory for property investment and with the surging economy, especially as supply and affordability meet demand and economic growth. One of the most important factors to note is that with Dubai is hosting to Expo 2020, the current prediction for visitors from all over the globe stands at 25M people from 180 nations across a period of six months. This places Dubai in the eye of foreign property investors, as well as being a rental base for many for as long as half a year, housing visitors and exhibitors.

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