12 December 2018

Baby Sitter Nanny Vacancy in Dubai

Well known Nursery in Abu dhabi is urgently hiring Babysitters / Nannies for to take care about infants group.

Job Responsibilities

Keep the play area safe and free from hazards while monitoring children consistently throughout the day.

Sanitize play equipment, games and Toys on a regular basis to keep them safe and attractive while minimizing the spread of germs.

Change diapers, dress children and assist them with their snacks, drinks and meals as needed.

Teach children the importance of good personal hygiene and health habits, including the importance of brushing teeth, eating healthy food, using the toilet and getting adequate rest.

Engage in educational activities with the children, including reading, crafts, drawing, coloring and singing.

Keep an individual record for each child that includes information about his or her behaviors, daily activities, meals eaten, medications received and other important and mundane details. Discuss this information with each Childs parents on a daily or weekly basis.

Discipline unruly children as needed, focusing on using creative ways to encourage good behavior such as picking up after themselves, participating in the lesson plans and treating each other kindly.

Create daily lesson plans that are developmentally appropriate, fun and interesting. Lesson plans should always encourage full participation from each child.



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