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24 October 2018

Gym Equipments For Sale In Good Price All Over In Uae

FLOORING INCLUDE – 8.8 MM, 6.6 MM & 4.4 MM
korea Abdominal Crunch Plate Loaded
korea Hyper Extension ( Hammer Strength Logo)
korea Preacher Curl Bench (Hammer Strength Logo)
korea wings exersise machine
korea Shrug (Hammer Strength Logo)
korea Metal Barbell straight ( 5- 50 kg ) full set
korea Abs Crunch Selectorize
korea Power cage
korea Adjustable Bench (incline/flat )
Dumbble Rack
korea 5 Station
korea Electronic Locker 40 cabin
Cobra Sports Accessories Stand
Concept 2 Indoor rower
Cybex Prone Leg Curl
Cybex Arm Curl
Cybex Arm Extention
Cybex Dumbble Rack
Cybex Adjustable Bench (incline/flat / decline)
Cybex Leg Press Plate Loaded EXPIREDB
Cybex Hac squat Plate Loaded
Cybex Chest Press Plate loaded
Cybex Squat Rack
Cybex Arc Trainer 750AT
Cybex Arc Trainer 600A
Cybex Arc Trainer 620A
Cybex Arc Trainer
Cybex Modular Power Chest Press & Assist Dip/Chin
Cybex Modular Power Assist Dip/Chin (dual side)
Cybex Hip Adduction
Cybex Hip Abduction
Cybex Dual Axis Over Head Press
Cybex Dual AXIS Incline Press
Cybex Pec Fly
Cybex Classic Pec Fly
Cybex Smith Machine
Cybex Treadmill 750T
Cybex Flat Bench
Cybex Adjustable (Incline /Flat )
Cybex Classic Back Extension
Cybex Classic Glute selectorize
Cybex Classic Arm Curl Selectorize
Cybex Classic Arm Extension Selectorize
Cybex Classic Over head Press/ Shoulder press Selectorize
Cybex Classic Pec Fly
Cybex Classic Abb Crunch
Cybex Classic Chest Press
Cybex Classic Shoulder Press
Cybex Eagle Hip Abduction/ Adduction
Cybex VR3 Seated Leg Curl
Cybex VR3 Chest Press
Cybex VR3 Arm Extension
Cybex VR3 Abdominal
Cybex VR3 Leg Extension
Cybex VR3 Assisted Dip/Chin
Cybex VR3 Lateral Raise
DHZ- Fitness Prone Leg Curl
DHZ- Fitness Preacher Curl Bench
DHZ- Fitness Leg Extension
Edge Barbell Straight 50 Kg
Edge Barbell Straight 9 Kg
Edge Barbell Straight 14 Kg
Edge Barbell Straight 18 Kg
Edge Barbell Straight 23 Kg
Edge Barbell Straight 27 Kg
Edge Barbell Straight 32 Kg
Edge Barbell Straight 36 Kg
Edge Barbell Straight 41 Kg
Edge Barbell Straight 45 Kg
Expresso Spinning Bike
Free Motion Vibrator
Free Motion Step With Arm Curl /Shoulder press no plate /Forward Step /Side step
Free Motion Treadmill
Gold Gym Dumbbles 27 Kg
Gold Gym Dumbbles 29 Kg
Gold Gym Dumbbles 45 Kg
GP Pu Dumbbles (10 ,15 ,20 ,25 ,30 ,35 ,40 ,45 , 50, 55, 60 ,65 ,70,75,80 ,85 ,90 ,95 ,100 )LBS Pairs
GP Pu Dumbbles 70 Pair (single)
GPI Rubber Dumbbles ( 17.5,20,22.5,25,27.5…….upto 80) pair full set
GPI Pu Dumbbles (50 ,55, 60 ) Pair
GS Recumbent Bike EB3100
GS Upright Bike EB2100
GS Assault Air Bike LD-915
GV -Fitness Leg Press
GV -Fitness Long pull LD-9033
GV -Fitness Forearm Machine
GV -Fitness Climbing Machine
GV -Fitness Lat Pull down
GV -Fitness Pec Fly
Hammer Strength Pull Over Plate loaded
Hammer Strength Seated / Standing Shrug plate loaded
Hammer Strength Squat Rack
Hammer Strength Flat Bench
Hammer Strength Flat/Incline Bench
Hammer Strength Smith Machine
Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Decline Press
Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Leg Press
Hammer Strength Pull Over
Hammer Strength VKR Combo
Hammer Strength 4 Way Neck
Hammer Strength Seated Dip (Plate Loaded)
Hammer Strength MTS Shoulder Press
Hammer Strength MTS Abdominal Crunch
Hammer Strength MTS Chest Press
Hammer Strength MTS Incline Press
Hammer Strength MTS Decline Press
Hamption Straight Barbell Metal weight (60,70,80,90,100) Pairs
Hamption Curve Barbell Metal weight (60,70,80,90,100) Pairs
Hamption Dumbble Rack
Hoist Leg Extension
Hoist Seated Leg Curl
Hoist Rear Delt/ Pec Fly
Hoist Glute Master
Hoist Chest Press Selectorize
Hoist Dip Assist / Chin Assist
Hoist Low Row
Hoist Inner Thigh / Outer Thigh
Hoist Smith Machine
Hoist Dumbble Rack
Icarian Glute Isolator 618
Icarian Leg Extension
Icarian Leg Sled 602
Icarian Rowing
Icarian Seated Leg Curl 619
Icarian Abdominal Crunch
Icarian Chest Press
Icarian Leg Extension
Icarian Back Extension
Icarian Leg Curl
Icarian Triceps Extension
Intex Weight Plate ( 10Lbs )
Intex Weight Plate ( 25Lbs )
Intex Weight Plate ( 45Lbs )
Ivanco Weight Plate 10 Kg
Ivanco Weight Plate 25 Kg
Ivanco Barbell curl 20 Lbs
Ivanco Barbell curl 30 Lbs
Ivanco Barbell curl 40 Lbs
Ivanco Barbell curl 60 Lbs
Ivanco Barbell curl 70 Lbs
Ivanco Barbell curl 80 Lbs
Ivanco Barbell curl 90 Lbs
Ivanco Barbell curl 100 Lbs
Ivanco Barbell curl 110 Lbs
Ivanco Dumbbles (30 pair, 35 pair, 40 pair ,50 pair ,55 single ,70 single
Ivanco Metal Dumbbles ( 10, 15 ,20,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100,105,110,115,120,125 ) LBS Pair / 5 Lbs & 25 Lbs single
Jaccob Ladder Climbing Machine
Legend Fitness Dumbble Rack
Lifefitness 8 Station
Lifefitness Dual Adjustable Pully(Crossover)
Lifefitness Upright Bike 95CI
Lifefitness Upright Bike 9100
Lifefitness Upright Bike 93c
Lifefitness Upright Bike 93c
Lifefitness Upright Bike
Lifefitness Crosstrainer 95X
Lifefitness Crosstrainer 95Xi
Lifefitness Crosstrainer 93X
Lifefitness Stepper 955i
Lifefitness Stepper 90S
Lifefitness Stepper 9100
Lifefitness Recumbent Bike 95Ri
Lifefitness Recumbent Bike 95Re
Lifefitness Recumbent Bike
Lifefitness Recumbent Bike 9100
Lifefitness Recumbent Bike
Lifefitness Treadmill with TV
Lifefitness Treadmill
Lifefitness Treadmill 9100
Lifefitness Treadmill 91Ti
Lifefitness 4 station (Dual pully pull down / tricep push down/adjustable pully /dual pully row )
Lifefitness Power cage
Lifefitness Cable cross over
Lifefitness Smith Machine
Lifefitness 90S Stepper
Lifefitness CLSR Recumbent Bike
Lifefitness Fit Series Abdominal + Back Extension
Lifefitness Pro Assisted Dip/Chin
Lifefitness Pro Abdominal Crunch Selectorize
Lifefitness Pro2 Tricep Extension
Lifefitness Pro2 Leg Extension
Lifefitness Pro2 Hip Abduction
Lifefitness Pro2 Seated Leg Press
Lifefitness S Series Leg Curl
Lifefitness S Series Leg Extension
Lifefitness S Series Shoulder Press
Lifefitness Signature Hip Adduction
Lifefitness Signature Bicep curl
Lifefitness Signature Lateral Raise
Lifefitness Signature Row/Rear Deltoid
Lifefitness Signature Hip Abduction
Lifefitness Signature Torso Rotation
Lifefitness Signature Chest Press
Lifefitness Signature Seated Leg Curl
Lifefitness Signature Row Cable Motion
Lifefitness Signature Back Extension
Lifefitness Signature Seated Leg Press
Lifefitness Signature Calf Extension
Lifefitness SL Glute
Lifefitness SL-60 Hip Abduction
Lifefitness SL-75 Glute selectorize
Magnum Incline Press Plate Loaded
Magnum Shoulder Press
Marpo Kinetics Rope Climber
Matrix Back Extension selectorize
Matrix Hip Adduction
Matrix Hip Abduction
Matrix Abdominal
Nautilus Incline /Flat Bench
Nautilus Rotary Torso
Nautilus Prone Leg Curl
Nautilus Hyper Extension
Nautilus Leg Curl Plate loaded
Nautilus One Seated Utility Bench
Nautilus Leg Extension seat
Nautilus Crostrainer
Nautilus Nitro Leg Extension Selectorize
Nautilus Nitro Tricep Extension Selectorize
Nautilus Nitro Lerg press Selectorize
Nautilus Nitro Pec Fly Selectorize
Nautilus Nitro Seated Calf
Nautilus Nitro Leg Extension
Nautilus Nitro Rear Delt/ Pec Fly
Nautilus Nitro Lat Pull down
Paramount AP4500 A
Paramount Olympic Flat Bench
Power Plate Vibrator
Precor Long Pull
Precor Barbell Stand
Precor 8 Station
Precor AMT without TV
Precor AMT with TV
Precor Strech Trainer
Precor Cross Trainer EFX556i
Precor Cross Trainer with TV EFX556
Precor Cross Trainer without TV EFX576i
Precor Cross Trainer without TV 95Xi
Precor Cross Trainer
Precor Cross Trainer with TV EFX576i
Precor Cross Trainer with TV EFX576i
Precor Cross Trainer without TV EFX546i
Precor Treadmill without TV 956i
Precor Treadmill with TV 956i
Precor Treadmill with TV
Precor Treadmill
Precor Recumbent bike 846i
Precor Upright 846i
Precor T-Bar
Precor Abdominal machine AB-X
Precor Squat Rack
Precor Olympic Flat Bench
Precor Vertical Knee Raise
Precor Cable Cross Over
Precor T-Bar Handdle
Precor Dumbble Rack
Precor C-Line Abdominal
Precor C-Line Rotary Torso
Precor C-Line Rear Delt/ Pec Fly
Precor C-Line Seated Dip
Precor C-Line Shoulder Press
Precor C-Line Back Extension
Precor C-Line Lat Pull down
Precor C-Line Abdominal Decline Bench
Precor C-Line Leg Curl
Precor Icarian Abdominal Isolator selectorize
Precor Icarian Abdominal Isolator
Precor Icarian Back Extension
Precor Icarian Smith Machine
Precor Icarian Leg Sled
Precor Icarian Seated Vertical Row
Precor Icarian Seated Dip
Schwinn Evolution Spinning Bike
Schwinn IC Pro Spinning Bike
Scifit Stepper
Star Trac Kneeling leg curl
Star Trac Treadmill
Star Trac Treadmill
Star Trac Pro Treadmill with TV
Star Trac Pro Treadmill
Sterling Glute
Streamline Leg Extension selectorize
Streamline Standing Calf Selectorize
Streamline Smith Machine
Streamline Olympic Incline Bench
Streamline Pec Fly
Streamline Preacher Curl Bench
Streamline Squat Rack
Streamline Vertical Knee Raise
Streamline Olympic Flat Bench
Streamline Plate Tree
Streamline Dumbble Rack
Streamline Super Squat
Techno Dumbbles(10 ,24,26 ,28 ,30,36 ,38) pair
Technogym Abdominal Crunch Selectorize
Technogym Treadmill RUN 700 Touch
Technogym Treadmill RUN 500
Technogym Wave Touch
Technogym Upright Bike EXC500
Technogym Upright Bike
Technogym Arm Extension
Technogym Lower Back Extension
Technogym Glute
Technogym Glinder 600 XT Pro
Technogym Recumbent Bike
Technogym Kneeling leg curl
Technogym Kinesis Alpha
Technogym Decline Bench
Technogym Hydrolic Abduction
Technogym Excite Recumbent Bike Touchscreen
TKO Dumbbles (55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,100) Pairs Set
Umax Weight Plates
USA Sports Olympic Bar Stand
USA Sports Olympic Bar
USA Sports Olympic Bar Small
Welder Dumbbles 10 Lbs
Battle Rope
Power system Beauty Bells
Metal Weight 2.5 Lbs
Metal Weight 5 Lbs
Metal Weight 10 Lbs
Metal Weight 20 Lbs
Metal Weight 25 Lbs
Metal Weight 35 Lbs
Metal Weight 45 Lbs
Metal Dumbbles (50single ,60 pair, 65 single,75 pair
Metal Dumbbles
Accessories Stand
Medicine ball 9 Kg
Plate Tree
Curl Bar
Chrome dumbble 12 Kg
Dumbble Rack



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