08 June 2018

Cfo Chief Financial Officer Vacancy in Dubai

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER - ABU DHABI.nnA prominent, well-established and trusted multi-facetedncontracting organisation, with more than 40 years tracknrecord of supporting the Power and Petrochemical industriesnin the UAE, is seeking a Chief Financial Officer to join ournleadership team.nnThe role will be responsible for all Company finance andnaccounting processes and procedures; implementation of ansuitable ERP system, financial controls and strategic planning,ndecision-making and execution based on good financial data.nSuitable candidates should be CA/CMA/CPA or ICWAInqualified professionals with at least 10 years majorncompany experience. Candidates should be energetic,nforward thinking, articulate, analytical and display highnethical standards and integrity.nnThe employment package for this position will bencommensurate with the significant importance of this role,ncoupled with the knowledge and experience that will need tonbe demonstrated by suitable candidates.nnn[b:05367e0fda]Email:[/b:05367e0fda]EXPIRED


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