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04 February 2018

25 Years Expert In Sales, Marketing, Business Management Opertns In 5 Gcc Gulf Countries, Seeking Suitable Job Opening


Exe. Profile: 25 years – Sales & Marketing, Brand, Product, Business Development Expert/Professional in Senior Management, P & L, & Business Operations. In 5 GCC Gulf countries

A Dynamic professional with over 25 Years comprehensive Sales, Brand, Product, Business Development & Marketing expert in 5 Gulf AGCC countries/Markets, proven track record in Leading, Heading Operations, Conceptualizing, Developing, Implementing and executing strategic Sales, P & L, Product, Brand, Marketing, After sales Spare parts & Service Ops, business development, brand management operations & functions, for leading Top world renowned Products and Brands
Offering an impressive experience in delivering optimal results; demonstrated an exceptional ability to meet Strategic, organizational objectives and demands. Offer strong Management skills; maintain effective presentation and communication skills as well as strong quantitative & analytical skills with extensive Industry knowledge; expertise gained with highly reputed organizations with challenging assignments, utilizing my skills and experience in various facets of the field, with high degree of acumen, leadership qualities, capabilities exhibited in time tested periods to get results. Highly fluent proficient in spoken Arabic Language, Expert in English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam Languages. Have valid Saudi Arabian, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar Driving Licenses.

Ä A seasoned professional, offering an extensive experience of 25 years in Auto Dealership industry in 5 GCC Markets – 5 Gulf Countries, in managing the spectrum of Sales & Marketing Management, Brand, Product, Business Development, P&L and After Sales; Lastly till May-2017, was spearheading efforts as Manager Operations with Mannai Trading co., Doha Qatar.
Ä Proven acumen in the spectrum of Team Management, Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Project Management, Business Tie-ups and Client Servicing and handling Local markets.
Ä Possess an attitude of go-getter coupled with multi–tasking abilities in driving team efforts towards achievement of organizational goals, which require deep understanding of multiple markets and industries.
Ä Successful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas, and formulating Sales & Marketing plans/ strategies in the gamut of Sales & Marketing, Go-to-Market, Pricing, Sales, Distribution and planning strategy for maximizing profitability & revenue generation and realizing organizational goals.
Ä Dexterous in mapping business dynamics and realigning strategic and developed goals; identified required resources, including personnel and innovative technology to drive growth.
Ä Valued contributor to key strategic initiatives right from conceptualization to facilitating implementation in real time environments; gained repeated success with focus on driving vision and achieving critical strategic goals.


Ä Dealer Organization: Dealer Management & Operations, Sales & Marketing Guidelines & Functions, Brand Development, Business Ops.
Ä Business Management: MIS Tasks of GM, Dept. heads & other Managers, Monthly-Quarterly-Half yearly and Annual P & L Statements, Business Unit Structure, Organizational Structure, Operative Data/Key Statistical figures, Dealer-Importer reporting systems
Ä Sales & Marketing: Showroom/Retail, Fleet, Outdoor, Rent A Car, Leasing Ops, / Marketing: ATL/BTL, Ops, Advertising, Branding Building
Ä Dealership: Management Role, Part of HR/HRD, Administration, Finance, CRM, ICT (IT), After Sales – (spare parts, Service Ops)
Ä Principal: Dealer principal, on CI, Dealership Ops on Sales, Marketing, After sales, Targets, CAPEX, Business Plans, Vol Plans,
Ä Agreed Targets/Follow Up: Sales & Target Planning, Volume Planning, Dealer Performance check, Market oriented Planning, Report forms, Dealer Margins, vehicle registrations, Target Model Range, Used and Pre Owned cars Market.
Ä Marketing Plan: Preparing Marketing Plan, measures and schedules against Budgets, sales Marketing Plan, Framework Marketing Plan.
Ä Product Offer and Pricing / Costing: Active Price & Product Management, Type of Price differentiation, Price calculation of New and used cars, Competitors Price and Sales figures calculation, Price Index, Price Index calculation, Active Price Management.
Ä Retail Marketing / Promotion: Advertising Plans, Independent Dealer Advertising, Planning, Advt. Instruments, Dealer Participation, Means of Advertising, Measure and follow up, Demo Cars, Brand Guidelines, Types of Advertising, Advertising Materials.
Ä Logistics: Storing space, Yard, Movement for new, Pre owned Car Rental vehicles in store, PDI, Vehicle Transportation and Delivery.
Ä Market Launch: Launching Plan, New Prod. Development, Homologation, Testing, organizing, execution and evaluation.
Ä Statistics and Market Research: Market Research, Importer Market studies, Customer Satisfaction studies, Sales and Registration Statistics, Car Park, Group market Research, Retail, Fleet & RAC market info Statistics.
Ä Motors shows & Exhibitions: Objectives, Planning, Structure, Event Character, Stands, Marketing, Advertising, event Management,
Ä Personnel/Coaching/Training: Company/Personnel Structure, Product, sales and marketing Training for Salespersons and Managers, , International Training Centre (ITC) sales, Training and Development, Personnel Requirement, Job Description for Sales Management.
Ä Used – Pre owned Vehicles: Performance Standards, Used car Marketing & Programs, Used car strategy.



25 Years Expert In Sales, Marketing, Business Management Opertns In 5 Gcc Gulf Countries, Seeking Suitable Job Opening