25 January 2018

Constipation Reliever By Edmark Shake Off in Dubai

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100% Halal & approved by Dubai Municipality.

1st WEEK : Drink 1 sachet of Shake Off before bedtime DAILY.
Note: Taking it at night is most recommended so you will see effect
first thing in the morning. And it'll give you a fresh feeling
all day.
2nd WEEK : Drink 1 sachet of Shake Off every 2-3 days

3rd WEEK : Drink 1 sachet of Shake Off once a week
Note: Recommended on weekends.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Until when will i use Shake Off Phyto Fiber?
A: Use Shake Off Phyto Fiber all throughout as it serves as natural cleansing to your intestinal tract (Colon).

Q: Should I change my diet / or food take while doing the Detoxification Program?
A: No. Keep your food intake as usual during the program.
Note: Shake Off is not for losing weight, its primary role is for cleansing your system, though it helps in flushing our your excess fats. If you want to lose weight, we have a separate Lose Weight Program. (Just contact us if you're interested about it)

Q: How many hours will it take effect?
A: You will see result within 6-8 hrs.
Note: There are few circumstances that delays the result - sometimes it'll take 2-4 days especially if you are constipated or if your toxins has build up enormously inside. We recommend you to continue taking Shake Off Phyto FIber along with Splina Liquid Chlorophyll until you see a result.

Q: If I have an Ulcer, can i use Shake Off Phyto Fiber immediately?
A: Ulcer is a wound in the stomach. If you are suffering from this, we recommend you to take Splina Liquid Chlorophyll first for at least 2 weeks to treat your ulcer.

Q: What will happen if I take Shake Off Phyto Fiber while i have Ulcer?
A: During the process of detoxification, one might experience a stomach pain. Ulcer is a wound in the stomach and Shake Off scrapes all kinds of toxins inside your system thus, affecting the pain. That's why we recommend you to take Splina Liquid Chlorophyll first to treat the Ulcer and proceed to the detoxification program.

> Everytime we eat, cholesterol and toxins cannot be naturally removed during our bowel movement. Thus, Shake Off Phyto Fiber needs to be maintained even once a week after you have completed the program.
> We HIGHLY RECOMMEND to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water with Liquid Chlorophyll a day for best results.

Important !
Shake Off Phyto Fiber is ALL NATURAL - No Side Effect!

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