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13 January 2018

Administration Manager in Dubai

 Ensure that routine patrols are conducted to check ammunition rooms security. Supervise security officers assigned to the unit in the course of daily operations, ensures that directives are known and implemented. Ensure that fire detection devices and firefighting equipment are available on the premises. Conduct investigations and prepare comprehensive accidents and incidents reports when troops are involved. Maintain/update, exercise and execute evacuation plans in case of fire and naturaldisasters. Develop, monitor and evaluate physical security measures for all arms room and ammunition premises and establish controlled access procedures. Take all the required procedure to ensure the security of the official and personal visits into the Units. Receive, record and report information received through all communication meansand update security plans. Ensure that the assignment and deployment of staff is consistent with the security plan and makes changes if necessary. Check that the information contained in Security Plans has been properly disseminated to all staff and that key individuals are aware of and capable of performing all required actions; and undertakes or participates in security missions, as required. Monitor and control communications network to ensure security and discipline.3. Job Title : Paratrooper HQ Security Investigator officer - Specialty: Security and safety operationsFrom / To: 01-Jan-2010 / 15-Jul-2012Description of Duties: Provide leadership in the collection of information, intelligence and data. Travel to various parts of the country with investigators to undertake actual interviews. Undertake, either personally or jointly with other investigators the investigations and enquiries tasks of violation for security matters, illegal activities, accidents/incidents, complaints and allegations of misconduct, discipline, etc.,  Assess the nature of reported complaints, establish the ingredients of the relevant offences, proofs required and prepare comprehensive written investigation reports in a timely manner consistent to such reported complaints. Have the ability to apply any Administrative Instructions, Policies, Rules and Regulations that go into circulation from time to time as guidance for The Troops. In the performance of the above-mentioned duties maintain liaison, as required with other military Department and other authorities who would make investigations tasks bear good results; Perform random checks on The Units vehicles as a deterrent measure for abuses. Maintaining and updating the office investigations database and other office records for ease of reference as necessary.2
 Conducting Security Surveys for office premises and facilities and prepare comprehensive security information that produce background papers relating to the security threats and safety of the troops and property.4. Job Title : Personnel affairs Commander - Specialty: Personnel AffairsFrom / To: 01-Jan-2005 / 12-Nov-2009Description of Duties: Directs activities of workers engaged in investigating accusations against police personnel, administering disciplinary actions and inspecting police personnel equipment  Directs investigative work of internal affairs personnel to gather information for presentation at hearings in response to accusations against police personnel or deficiencies in performance  Schedules hearings to permit complainant or accused officer to appeal recommended disciplinary action  Identifies complex problems and reviews related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Knowledge of laws, legal codes, court procedures, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, organization rules, and the democratic political process.5. Job Title : Paratroop Moral Department Head - Specialty: Moral dept. operationsFrom / To: 01-Jul-1999 / 31-Jan-2005Description of Duties: Organizing awareness events to upgrade the moral side of the troops. Monitoring and evaluating the training and performance reports of the troops to work on the findings. Measure the emotional intelligence of the troops and set plans to work on the findings. Work on the communication skills of the troops, and plan the required training needs.6. Job Title : Paratrooper Platoon commander Specialty: Security and safety operationsFrom / To: 01-Jul-1994 / 01-Jul – 1999Description of Duties: Organizing regular work of the unit, this consists of 3 noncommissioned officers, 27soldiers, and concerns quick deployments in the field if needed. Soldiers Training for using weapons like Sigsauer 9 mm pistol, AK-47 7.62*39 mm automatic Rifle, R.B.J, different kinds of grenades and using special equipments such as NVS700, NVS900 night vision devices. Responsible for making my entire unit ready to perform any task at any time.3
 I have an additional task as a deputy of the paratrooper’s special operation battalion security officer; I have to be aware with all the security situation of the battalion to act as the security officer when he was absent. Participate in all investigations which were made in the unit. Advices the security officer and the battalion commander with any threats can be occur in the unit.LanguagesLanguages Read Speak Understand WriteArabic Fluent Fluent Fluent FluentEnglish Fluent Fluent Fluent Fluent Training Courses Platoon commander Training Course (infantry Institute, Egypt). Company commander Training Course (infantry Institute, Egypt). Battalion commander Training Course (infantry Institute, Egypt). Commandos Training Course (Commandos Institute, Egypt). Basic jump Training Course (paratrooper Institute, Egypt). Jump master Training Course (paratrooper Institute) Small weapon training Course (Infantry Institute, Egypt) Institute Management Course ( Vocational training center / Armed Forces) I was nominated by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense to represent the Egyptian Army as an observer in The Russian war games competition that took place in Aug 2015 & in Aug 2016 in Russia.I was honored the Medal of Long Service and Good Example from the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sissi4