10 January 2018

Gp Dentist Vacancy in Dubai

Clinical Responsibilities by the GP Dentist is as follows:
Provision of professional dental services to patients such as:
o Take patients history and implement treatment plans for pediatric and adult patients.
o Patient education regarding oral hygiene and care.
o Dental examinations and diagnosis of dental conditions
o Use and examining dental x-ray for evidence based diagnosis of patient’s dental condition.
o Provision of basic oral hygiene and oral care instructions
o Discuss to patient treatment options and recommendation, as well as providing them correct information as needed.
o Dealing with dental emergencies such as management of dental pain.
o Aesthetic dental restorations
o Cosmetic dentistry
o Pediatric dental care such as application of tooth filling, pulpotomy, pulpectomy, extraction and space maintainers.
o Writing prescription antibiotics and other dental medication.
o Tooth extractions and replacements of missing teeth
o Proper documentation of patient care with strict compliance with patient rights as with special note to patient confidentiality as per UAE law.

Administrative Responsibilities of the GP Dentist

• Prepare patient evaluation report for insurance approval of treatment / procedures with the use of appropriate ICD – 9 codes and CPT codes
• Replies to authorization rejection as per company policy per need.
• Evaluates staff documentation (dental nurse) and guide them in accordance with the company policy.
• Conducts quality assurance study with the help of the company administrative team in order to improve the patient care as well as to help in develop policies to ensure patient satisfaction.
• Acts as the team leader in managing a patient in collaboration with the health team (nurse supervisors, physiotherapist and staff nurses).
• Work in collaboration with the company’s administrative team for the improvement and revision of company policies and procedures.
• Conducts in-service procedural training/ Health Education Lectures for continuous medical education (CME) of the newly hired staff as well as regular staff in collaboration with the company administration as guided by company policy.

Personal and Professional Responsibility

• The GP is encouraged to attend trainings and seminars to benefit his professional growth as well as the company.
• As for renewal of his/her license, it is mandatory for him to complete the required CME hours for the renewal of his/her license before its expiry.


Salary: 15 000 Dhs

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