10 January 2018

Home Care Nurse Female Vacancy in Dubai

Your specific roles and responsibilities as a Home Care Nurse will include:

¥ Providing case management as described in emirates regulations for all cases involving nursing and therapy services.

¥ Making the initial evaluation visit as applicable and re-evaluating each patient’s nursing needs on a regular basis.

¥ Providing nursing services, treatments and diagnostic procedures requiring specialized skills and assuming full responsibility for each of your patients.

¥ Participating in in-service programs, as well as training, and teaching other nursing personnel.

¥ Developing and implementing the treatment plan for each patient under the direction of Home Care Physician.

¥ Observing and reporting symptoms, reaction to treatments, drugs, and changes in the patient’s physical or emotional condition.

¥ Initiating preventative and rehabilitative nursing procedures as appropriate for the patient’s care and safety.

¥ Effecting changes in environment to ensure patient safety and security.

¥ Maintaining clinical and nursing progress notes for each patient receiving care and providing progress reports to their physician.

¥ Coordinating services for patients as needed to other agencies and health care providers as appropriate.

¥ Counseling the patient and their family in meeting nursing and related needs.

¥ Providing supervision of practical nurse services and preparing written instructions for care provided by licensed practical nurse.

¥ Maintaining confidentiality of patient and agency matters.

¥ Submitting required documentation in a timely manner.

¥ Reporting observed or suspected child or adult abuse pursuant to mandated requirements.

¥ Assisting the Home Care Physician and Patient Care Coordinator in decision-making and policy formation as it pertains to the Home Care Program.

¥ Participating in surveys, studies and special projects as assigned.

¥ Maintaining accurate time records.

¥ In addition to schedule hours, participating in weekend/holiday call schedule.
¥ Observing company’s attendance requirements and dress code.
¥ Conserving agency resources and adequately maintaining agency property, supplies, and equipment.
¥ Adhering to all agency policies, including but not limited to, infection control and safety, cultural diversity, education, reporting and practice implementation.


Salary: 8 000 Dhs