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09 January 2018

Business Development Executive Vacancy in Dubai

If you decide to follow this career path, you will be responsible for generating new leads and sales for your company. It is a high pressure role that commands a lot of respect and carries a bonus-related pay scheme that means you could enjoy immense financial rewards.

If you have excellent customer relations skills, are able to multitask and like the challenge of meeting targets, a career as a business development executive could be exactly what you are looking for.

-What Will You Be Doing?
Your main job is to find sales leads, pitch your company’s goods and services to prospective clients and ensure you have a great working relationship with all your contacts. You will be charged with prospecting for new clients by cold calling, networking or advertising. Once you find these leads, your new job is to convince these prospects that your company is the best choice.

Once you land new clients, you have to develop a rapport and set sales targets while ensuring the working relationship blossoms. You will work with mid and senior level management; marketing and technical staff and you may also be called upon to manage the activities of other employees who develop business for the company.
Here is a quick overview of the typical duties:

1. Finding prospects, following up on business opportunities and setting meetings

2. Preparing presentations

3. Introducing new product developments to prospective clients

4. Supervising the creation of marketing materials

5. Writing reports

6. Ensuring management are kept in the loop

As you will be responsible for developing the pipeline of new business you need outstanding strategic planning skills.


Don’t expect to spend a great deal of time stuck behind a desk as the job involves a lot of travelling in order to meet clients and attend important networking events. While you will be working normal weekday hours for the most part, there are flexible working opportunities available at certain companies.

This is also one of the best roles in the sales arena for career development. It is possible to progress to senior development manager or marketing director. As you will gain negotiating, sales and project management skills, you can move into another area entirely so this is a role with prospects.

What Are The Good Points?
It is a job that offers a constant challenge because being a success requires a lot of skills including excellent financial planning skills and business sense along with marketing skills and strategic planning ability. You will never be bored in the role as it requires constant creative thinking in order to discover new opportunities and spur growth.

If you get it right the results can be spectacular and it is a rewarding feeling to see your hard work bear fruit. Additionally, the financial package is very attractive as there are a host of bonus schemes for those who perform well.

What Are The Challenges?
Trying to develop new business opportunities is a stressful and exhausting endeavour. There will be occasions when the external and internal challenges end up outside of your control which is extremely frustrating. While everything is rosy when things are going well, it can be a harsh environment when things go wrong. It is also an immensely competitive field so you must be highly qualified to even have a chance at the role.

Is a Business Development Executive Job Role The Right Job For You?

First and foremost you need to be extremely confident as you will be required to network, get clients onside and speak at meetings and corporate events.
You also need the following skills:

1. Excellent business sense

2. Good time management ability as you need to beat deadlines

3. An extremely positive attitude and good negotiating skills

4. A understanding of the principles of marketing

5. The capacity to set and meet targets