29 October 2017

Receptionist Job Hunter in Dubai

Dear Hr

My past experience as a customer service in the company name facil
management and as a waitress at DMC in a french bakery restaurant have allowed me to acquire the qualities of caring and hungry of satisfaction. my adaptability to adapt fast, my energy and my motivation are the key to my quick integration into your estemed organization.

Besides, I also possess excellent communication skills, training and mentoring skills, which when combined with my experience will generate the desired outcome that will aid in the companies output, thereby contributing to your organization's growth.
Attached herewith, you will find my resume which contains detailed information about my professional background along with my contact details.

Kindly consider my application favorably and allow me to serve your organization, while exploring and constantly developing my skills in this domain, eventually guiding me towards a successful career.

Please madam /sir you may contact me any time if you wish to discuss my application in detail or if you wish to schedule an appointment for an interview. I am looking forward to joining your team and serve to the best of my abilities.