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28 December 2016

Restaurant General Manager in Dubai

           I would like to express my interest to work with astute and Dynamic of restaurant's management due 3 opening 5 star hotels,with rich in-depth exposure to hotels & restaurant's business, And I would like to keeping you inform you that , I'm not Lebanese nationally . But  Egyptian and I have European culture with business at international hotel's experience.
So i wish to meet you face to face, which I believe to meeting your expectations sir.
I have more than 12 years of expertise in hotels Industry. Food & beverage ( Italian experience with special bar, Greek with bar, French with bar, Arabic , Stick house , stone grill meat ,sushi , Japanese,, fast food ,snacks Restaurants, Breakfast, lunch, dinner buffet , and some bars as well. And I hope to meet you to be one of your team
Controls and analyzes, on an on-going basis, the following:
International Restaurants experience,Managing by planning,Organization, safety, sales, costs
Quality and presentation of food and beverage products, service standard
Condition and cleanliness of facilities and quipment
Quality of entertainment, guest satisfaction
Haccp.... And more
Thank you
Best regards
Islam Hassan
Outlets manager R.G M