An Overview of the Mobile Telephone Services in Dubai

One of the first things you have to do upon arriving in Dubai is to get a local SIM card and mobile phone number. This will aid you immensely during the settling process and, of course, later on. It will be much easier for you to use a local phone number as well as much cheaper. If you need your original number, you can readily get a new mobile phone along with a SIM card.

You can choose between two mobile phone operators in Dubai – Etisalat and Du. This might not seem to be a great selection of options, but both service providers have a wide range of packages to suit any requirements and preferences. Both telecommunication companies offer all standard mobile services making and receiving phone calls, texting and receiving text messages, mobile internet browsing and so on. They have all standard services for iPhone and Blackberry as well. Still, some Blackberry services will not be available from October 2010 due to stricter government regulations. Continue Reading