Maternity Leave for Expatriate Employees in Dubai – How Things Work

The number of expatriate women working in Dubai is increasing due to the development of the tourist industry, in which female workers can find more employment opportunities. As a female employee, you should be aware of your rights regarding maternity leave. The labor law in UAE covers all important aspects regarding this period in your life. It is important to know what your rights are in case any disputes with your employer arise.

All employed women in Dubai are entitled to a maternity leave of 45 days. This period has been extended to 3 months in a separate clause in the acting civil service law, but this amendment is applicable to UAE nationals only. Hence, expatriate employees cannot benefit from it. You will be able to stay at home for 45 days on full pay, if you have been working for at least one year. Otherwise, you will still be able not to work for the same time, but you will receive only half of your remuneration due for this period. Continue Reading