Starting Your Own Business in Dubai – How Things Work

Most expats are attracted by the relatively high non-taxable salaries in Dubai. However, the advantages of having your own business are also many, especially in a country, in which the economy is developing rapidly. Starting a business in Dubai is not easy, but this is applicable to any place in the world. Still, you should definitely find out more about this option, especially if you have been considering it.

As an expatriate, in order to become self-employed in Dubai or open a business, you must have a UAE sponsor. The sponsor can be a company or an individual. This is required by law. In some cases, the sponsor is called a business partner, but this is not a correct term. This is because thisĀ  individual or entity is in no way obliged to invest in your business. In fact, they might not participate financially at all. Despite this, the sponsor must be remunerated in a way. Their remuneration might be a share of the profits or a flat fee paid annually or a combination of both. Continue Reading