Social Security in Dubai – How It Works for Expats

There are so many aspects of moving to another country that it is perfectly natural for an expatriate to be overwhelmed. Before moving to Dubai, most foreign workers usually take care of their most urgent needs such as securing a resident visa for themselves and their families and arranging accommodation. However, there are also more specific and long term aspects related to living and working in Dubai that you should look into. Social security is perhaps the most important one of them.

The social security system in Dubai works relatively simply compared to the systems in other countries worldwide. The emirate has, plainly speaking, a very rich economy and despite the economic downturn the economic performance of the state is still good. The gross domestic product of the country is very high while the local population is relatively small in numbers. For these reasons, the nationals of Dubai are entitled to all possible social security benefits automatically. Those, who are employed, have very limited or sometimes no financial obligations to the state. Continue Reading