Education in Dubai – Private School Tuition Fees

Expatriate parents usually prefer to have their children educated in private schools in Dubai. There are state schools as well, but since teaching is in Arabic, there is no possibility for English-speaking students to attend, unless they learn the language. In addition, admission of expatriate children may be bound with some restrictions. Finding a school for your kids in Dubai will not be hard. There are plenty of private educational institutions to select from. You should consider the teaching quality they offer as well as the facilities they have. It is worth paying specific attention to the tuition fees also. Continue Reading

Schools in Dubai – Choosing a School for Your Child

A lot of expatriates coming to live and work in UAE prefer to take their entire family with them. This is perfectly natural, if you plan to live in Dubai or any other emirate for a long time. After securing visas for your family, you have to pay special attention to choosing a school for your child or children. This is an important matter that should be arranged well in advance. You have to take into account the school system in Dubai, its current situation, some legal requirements and other factors. Continue Reading