Changing Jobs in Dubai – How Things Work for Expats

Every country has its specific culture. This is applicable to the business culture as well. When you arrive to work in Dubai, you have to have an idea of how things work in the emirate. The employment opportunities are excellent, but there are some formal and informal rules that you have to abide by when working in UAE. It is possible for you to change your job, but this is a sensitive matter for employers. Hence, you should look into it more closely.

When you arrive in Dubai you cannot get a resident visa without having a sponsor. As an expatriate worker, your sponsor is your employer. This simple fact makes the job switching process difficult on its own. Another factor that can make the situation more difficult for you as a professional is the fact that business ethics is particularly valued in Dubai and in the Arab countries in general. If you intend to work for a competitor of your previous employer, things might get quite awkward. In turn, your professional reputation might be negatively affected. Continue Reading