Settling in Dubai – Advice for Expatriates

Living and working abroad is certainly a rewarding experience in many respects. However, before accepting a job offer for employment in Dubai, you have to make sure that you are prepared for the settlement. There are a number of aspects that you have to consider. There is some planning to do also. You should not hesitate to get support if you need it.

Before accepting a job offer for employment in Dubai, you have to consider the package you are offered carefully. In some cases expat workers are offered accommodation or accommodation allowance. If this is the case with you, you can readily check where you will live or how much you will take out of your pocket. If you are not offered accommodation, you are highly recommended to carry out some preliminary research online to see what is available. You should calculate your housing budget carefully as well. You will have to pay your entire rent either when you move in or in large chunks over the following months. In addition, there are all sorts of taxes and fees you will have to incur. Continue Reading

Looking to Rent a Dubai Property – A Quick Guide

Many people around the world consider moving to live and work in UAE due to the boom of the economy in the Emirates and the good living conditions. You will certainly find it rewarding to move to Dubai, but before you do so you have to make all the necessary arrangements concerning your immigrant status, job placement and living. You are highly recommended to secure a job and a work visa before looking for accommodation in the emirate. Then you can check out the properties for rent in Dubai.