An Overview of the Top Sports Activities to Enjoy in Dubai

In order to have the most fulfilling time in Dubai, you should not focus on your work solely. There are plenty of leisure activities that the emirate has to offer. You can go shopping and enjoy your time in the stores or around the stalls in the souks. You can go sunbathing on the beach, explore the local art galleries or have a pleasant evening in one of the lavish lounges. You can readily enjoy plenty of sports activities in Dubai as well. Here are some of the most popular ones among expats and locals alike. Continue Reading

Popular Festivals in Dubai – A Guide for Expats

Dubai is a great place to work given the tax free salaries and the fast growing economy providing lots of employment opportunities. At the same time, you will never get bored living in the vibrant city. You can readily enjoy its natural surroundings – sunbathe on the beach or camp in dessert. There are various leisure activities that you can enjoy as well. The festivals in Dubai are certainly among the most notable cultural events that you should not miss.

You should really try to attend the Dubai Film Festival. You might have to use some effort to get to see a movie, but your effort will be worth it. The even is held annually, in the first days of December. If you are a dedicated cinema fan, you would definitely want to see a work or works that have not been released and shown in theatres. Ever since the first festival in 2004, the event has gained a huge popularity and in recent years it has been attended by numerous celebrities from the film industry. If you manage to attend, you will certainly get to see a lot of famous actors, actresses and directors making comments and giving interviews. Continue Reading

Having a Pet in Dubai – Important Information for Expats

Moving to a foreign country can be quite stressful. Being away from your friends and perhaps your family can really make you homesick. That is why many expatriates choose to keep a pet while working and living in Dubai. It is worth finding out more about this option, before you decide to take a furry little friend home.

You should not have a problem finding a pet in Dubai. There are plenty of pet shops as well as voluntary organizations and shelters that give out animals without a home for free. You can also find ads on the internet, in local newspapers and on supermarket notice boards. Once you get a pet, you have to take it to a veterinarian to arrange all matters regarding vaccination, passport issuing and implanting a microchip. Continue Reading

Sharing a Villa in Dubai – All You Need to Know

Where to live in Dubai is the first question that expatriates ask after securing employment in the emirate. The accommodation options are plentiful. You can choose between different types of housing – apartments and villas with any number of bedrooms and varying amenities. There are various residential areas to select from as well. Sharing a villa is a popular accommodation option. You should definitely look into it in more detail.

Despite the common misconception, not all villas in Dubai are luxury estates with huge gardens, pools and other facilities. In fact, in most cases, this term refers to houses. They are usually two or three-story buildings with a number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Given their features, villas are quite popular to share. Families do it as well as young unmarried expatriates, usually single men. Continue Reading

Housemaid and Nanny Jobs in Dubai – All You Need to Know

Living and working abroad can often be frightening as a prospect, especially for a woman. Still, in some places in the world, such as Dubai, the work conditions and the salary are more than appealing. That is why there are a lot of expatriate women in the emirate working as housemaids and nannies. You should definitely find out more about this option and whether it is right for you.

The demand for housemaids and nannies in Dubai has always been very high. The economic downturn does not seem to have affected it significantly. You can easily find a job as a maid in the emirate. The monthly salary is usually between 700 Dhs and 2,000 Dhs. It should be noted that the remuneration and any other allowances available to domestic employees depend on their work hours and whether they work full-time or part-time. In addition, some maids and nannies get to live in the home of their employers while others do not. Basically, the work conditions vary, so you have to check the particular job offer carefully in order to find out what you will get exactly and how much you will have to work. Continue Reading

Working as a Doctor in Dubai – The State Requirements

The demand for medical professionals in Dubai and the rest of UAE is quite high. As a doctor, you can find a job relatively easily in the emirate. The work conditions are usually quite good and you can earn around 75,000 EAD per month in the form of salary. However, you cannot practice your profession unless you meet certain requirements set by the local authorities. Find out whether you can meet them and how.

You need a government license in order to be able to practice your profession in Dubai. If you want to work in this emirate only and not anywhere else in UAE, you will need to obtain your document from the Dubai Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS). There are specific requirements for both general practitioners and specialists. Continue Reading

Vacation Leaves and Holidays in Dubai – A Guide for Expats

When foreign workers come to Dubai, they want to secure employment and accommodation first. The most important things to look for in a job contract are definitely the work hours and the remuneration. However, you should pay attention to the vacation leaves you are entitled to as well. You should also have an idea about the public holidays in Dubai during which you will not work as well as about the school holidays of your kids. This information will help you organize visits home and vacations away from the emirate. Continue Reading

Buying Auto Insurance in Dubai – Practical Tips

Having a car in Dubai is simply a must for most expatriates. You will have to put up with busy traffic and congestion, but it is much better to be in a car than in a public transport bus. You cannot register your vehicle without insuring it first. Just like in any country, you are legally obliged to purchase auto insurance.

You have to buy a package that corresponds to the legal minimum set by the Dubai authorities. These packages are called TPFT, which stands for third party, theft and fire. Basically, it covers property damage and injury liability. It also gives you a basic level of financial protection in case of your car being stolen or damaged by fire. As the name suggests, this type of policy does not provide collision coverage. Continue Reading

Safety in Dubai – General Information and Advice for Expats

The crime rate in Dubai is very low. In fact, it is one of the lowest in the world. The emirate is generally quite safe, but this does not mean that you should neglect the general safety rules. Just like in any place in the world, you have to protect your property, your money and yourself. Here are some practical tips that will help you with this.

Home burglaries are not common in Dubai. However, it seems that with the increase of the number of people from all over the world, the situation has changed slightly. There are indications of the existence of organized gangs robbing the homes of expats during the popular vacation time for foreign workers – July and August. Cases are rare, but they exist. Continue Reading