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24 November 2017

Sellanyhome in Dubai

The safest and most efficient way of selling homes in the UAE is without a doubt, the platform. The service is completely free of cost and allows a seller to sell his/her home in less than 30 minutes. The process is also very simple to understand. The seller can simply visit the homepage and provide the details of the home to be sold in the online home evaluation tool to get an initial price offer. The system works efficiently to provide the best price to the seller and also brings into practice the recent property market trends for this purpose. The seller can then book an appointment for a free detailed home inspection, which is carried out by real estate agents certified by the RERA.
The home inspection is done carefully and in a professional manner, after which the agents offer a final price offer to the seller. In case the seller accepts the offer, his home is bought by <a></a> instantaneously. This makes it the best and most efficient option available to the home sellers located across the UAE. The process has been created to cater to the sellers’ comfort as a top most priority. The system is cost-effective and safe, as only 1% of the total amount is charged as commission and the seller does not have to provide lengthy home inspections to strangers. The seller is given a guaranteed home sale when using this platform, which adds to the value of this platform as compared to other options available to sell a home in the UAE.