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28 November 2016

Iphone Se Overheating Recover Dubai 044211494

MyCelCare knows how much money you have spent on buying your iphone SE. It would be very disturbing for you to have an overheated iPhone SE because it becomes impossible to bear the heat. We will look at your phone and discuss the problem with you and diagnose the actual issue. We will allocate one of our technicians to fix the overheating problem either it is software related or hardware. We will try that you don’t face similar overheating issues in future. MyCelCare promises quality at affordable price. An optional free pickup and delivery for the device / machine saves the customer time for the repairs. The use of genuine parts, Free pickup & delivery, warranty repairs and same day service helps us in making a satisfied customer. Call us at XXXEXPIREDXXX text us at +971) XXXEXPIREDXXX, email us at XXXEXPIREDXXX or visit our website for a detail