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17 October 2016

Siga Germany Battery For Sale Asian Andeuropean Cars in Dubai

Siga General Trading LLC is a manufacturer of CAR,TRUCK and BOAT Batteries.
We also have Solar, AGM and Gel Batteries. It is a German company
established with a high level of consumer concern in mind so as to satisfy
every car,truck and boat users with maximum efficiency of batteries.

Siga Batteries are cost efficient and products comes with a 2 to 4
years warranty compared to the usual 18 months.

Siga Batteries capacity ranges from 35 to 225 AH.

Siga batteries are road and time tested.

Siga General Trading LLC is expanding its presence and with this in mind
will love to partner with your company in the Middle East in any capacity...
i.e. wholesale,retail and distribution.

Below is the full details of the company, please check attached files of our catalog and the price list for every products ...

Kindly visit our web site on:

SIGA Germany <http>

And the SIGA sales team looks forward to a healthy business relationship
with you.



Price: 212 Dhs