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06 August 2016

Lpo Software In Dubai

Quick LPO - A Purchasing Software

Main Features:
• Easy LPO Preparation - It is easy to create LPO with this software in few seconds. Enter or select items from item master, item’s default price is picked automatically or you have an option to put latest best price, enter quantity and LPO is ready to print. While adding items to new LPO, software shows price of last 3 purchases of the same item.

• LPO Management – QuickLPO keeps track of each issued LPO along with payment terms & remarks. Advance search functions are available to search any LPO, check the status of LPO i.e. delivered, pending or partially delivered.

• Delivery Management – System allows to input deliveries received against each LPO along with DO number and other details to calculate pending materials to receive.

• Item Management – System has an item master, in which you can maintain the items you usually purchase, categorize them & put default price for items. So while creating new LPO, it takes few clicks to get your LPO ready, because Item names are already there, you just choose item & put quantity to add in LPO.

• Supplier / Delivery Address – Software maintains your supplier details and delivery site address, so while creating LPO, it automatically fill up complete supplier details as well as delivery site address along with contact person to print on LPO.

• Fully Customized LPO Design - Create your own company LPO with your company name, logo, address, and customize LPO numbers.

• Reports – Detailed & summary reports of LPO’s and deliveries.

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