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13 March 2016

Gulf Star Movers Packers And Home Painting Services 0553535484 in Dubai

Gulf Star Movers Packers And Home Painting Services XXXEXPIREDXXX
The move itself is handled by professional movers that provide all labor, packaging and materials. All you need to do is show them what items you need moved, they handle everything else.
We furnish all labor and materials and on site inventory to make sure your goods are all delivered to your final destination in the same condition as when we packed them for shipment.
So you’re going to a foreign land and will have all these boxes and crates…now what? Don’t worry, at the time of delivery you will have an English speaking crew that is ready to unpack your possessions and help set up your new home.
You have goods that need special handling? Just let us know, we have expertise in transporting a wide variety of merchandise including vehicles, art and other items of value.
Transportation Insurance
We’d like to say that we can guarantee any damage ever, but that’s just not possible, in spite of our best efforts. We do offer and recommend transport insurance for you, so your precious things are covered, giving you the feeling of security that you really want. Our transport insurance rates are lower than most, which provides you with protection from things like natural disasters, and that would enable you to replace needed furniture for your family.
If you decide to go ahead with recommended transport insurance, you’ll find our rates low, as a result of our business volume and efficient management. The result is protection for you while saving money